I’m Chef Jamie McFadden, and I’ve been working with some of the best culinary experts all over the world for over 30 years. 

Early in my career as a chef, I worked with Chef Peter Timmins at the Park Hotel in Ireland, The La Verranne Cooking School in Burgundy, France, and was one of the first Central Florida chefs invited to cook at the James Beard House.

I’ve traveled all over the world, eating and drinking some of the best food and wine, and it transformed into both a true passion, as well as my life long career. 

From an early age, I grew up helping my father make wine, and my mother was always in the kitchen whipping up something new and exciting for friends and family, most likely with a Julia Child or James Beard cookbook open on the kitchen counter. By my teens, I knew I was destined to become a chef. 

Snowbirds Vintners was inspired by my family’s love for food and wine, and our annual trips from the cold north to the warm, sunny beaches of South and Central Florida. It represents the joy one experiences when you’re in your ‘perfect paradise’, no matter where that is in the world.  

Throughout my career, I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to experience some great wine regions of the world.  Napa, Sonoma, Central Coast, Tuscany, Rioja, Burgundy, Alsace, the Mosel, Champagne, Washington State, even Texas Hill Country - these experiences shape your flavor profiles, and teach you so much about place. 

 Our wines are all American, and come from the best wine growing regions in the United States, and they’ll always been sustainably made, using earth-first farming practices. I’ve created them to make food and wine pairing easy, approachable, and fun. More importantly, they’re meant to be enjoyed with family and friends!

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